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Since 2011, Luxen Furniture has been serving in every part of Turkey and many countries of the world with its expert team and equipment in every field of the furniture industry.

Our company has made it a mission to maintain trade based on trust among its manufacturers, to produce functional products where design turns into quality, to offer a peaceful and pleasant working environment for its employees, and to be a nationally and globally respected furniture brand.

As long as we uphold these business principles, our brand Luxen will grow steadily and enjoying what it does. We know that the awareness of this brand, which we are trying to leave to future generations in a corporate framework, will increase and it will continue on its way with dignity. In line with our quality target, which is our priority, it is our company policy to catch the quality standards in the world, to closely follow the fashion in the furniture sector, to follow the new technologies, to comply with the conditions of our quality management system, to ensure its continuous development and improvement.

Bringing together traditional and modern designs, Luxen Furniture works to create more livable houses with the principle of "quality spaces for pleasant times".